Born to be different: TOP 5 most famous albino models

Born to be different: TOP 5 most famous albino models

July 22, 2019 0 By admin

The success story of people who did not break the difficulties

Every year on July 13, at the initiative of the UN General Assembly, the international day of dissemination of information about albinism is held around the world. Unusual appearance and lack of pigment – it would seem, what is the problem? But often people-albinos suffer from bullying, and in African countries even hunt their body parts.

But if the problem was only in appearance. In fact, these people suffer from health problems. Few people know that albinos are hard to be in the sun and often have to hide from the light.

However, in the world of fashion albinos just snapped up! The more unique you are, the better. Well-known brands are ready to sign large contracts and pay a lot of money to albino models.

Today we have made a selection of the TOP 5 most successful albino models in the world, which proved to society and to themselves that non-standard appearance can play into the hands, and the human possibilities are endless.

Chinese model Connie Chiu

Connie Chiu
One of the most recognizable models in the world is Chinese Connie Chiu. Due to the fact that she had to constantly hide from the sun and wear sunglasses, the family decided to move to Sweden. In this country, the sun is much less, so for Konya it was the most suitable option.

Steven Thompson – Givenchy model

Steven Thompson
American Steven Thompson is one of the most recognizable albinos in the world. In his life there was a real fairy tale! One day he was just walking down the street and a photographer ran up to him, begging to do a photo shoot with him. Like, he had never seen such an extraordinary appearance.

Steven Thompson – Givenchy model

Stephen then agreed and did not regret. He did not have time to Wake up, as has become a popular model albino. Now he is not just removed for fashion magazines, and is the face of the iconic brand Givenchy.

American Sean Ross


Sean Ross
One of the youngest models among albinos – Sean Ross. In his 28 years, he really achieved a lot. His modeling career began at the age of 16 when he introduced Djamee in new York city. Worked as a model for major fashion publications, including British GQ, Italian Vogue, i-D, Paper , Another Magazine, for McQueen, Alexander and Givenchy. Now he devoted himself to music.

youngest models among albinos

Ross even managed to star in a short film directed by Johann Lemoine. And the story of his life began, as most albinos – he was teased and humiliated childhood.

Diandra Forrest

Diandra Forrest
Unusual blonde with green eyes and African features won the hearts of photographers. Her special appearance was noticed by one of the photographers during shopping. After that, the Elite Agency offered Forrest a contract and began a rapid rise of her Grand career, although she had not thought about the modeling business.

Unusual blonde with green eyes

29-year-old Deandra Forrest is a friend of Sean Ross. Together they support each other and try to draw public attention to the life of albinos. They themselves have repeatedly told the press what it’s like to be a “black sheep” in a multi-colored world.

Tando Hop

Tando Hopb

Thanks to this girl, the world first learned about the abuse of albinos in Africa. In addition to his model activities, Hola is a lawyer. Attention to its unusual appearance Tando Hopa attracted in University years and since then has become increasingly appear on the world’s catwalks and advertising companies.

Tando Hop