Carbohydrate alternation diet for men

Carbohydrate alternation diet for men

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Carbohydrate alternation diet for men

Carbohydrate alternation diet, which is often called one of the most effective diets against fat, is gaining popularity among bodybuilders. It’s time to consider the pros and cons of this nutrition plan, and figure out who is shown and who is not.


Carbohydrates have different effects on the body. When you reduce their intake, fat begins to burn with greater intensity. But your metabolic rate — the amount of calories your body burns each day — is also decreasing. However, the abrupt change in the amount of carbohydrates you consume helps increase your metabolic rate.

Do not give up carbohydrates completely or almost completely. Instead, change their number in your diet from day to day. So you will feel better than on a carbohydrate-free diet. And this approach for a long time will allow you to burn more fat.

That there is can be

Diet carbohydrate alternation allows almost any food from the standard diet of the bodybuilder — depending on the day of the week. This diet includes foods high in protein — meat, eggs, protein shakes, cheese, vegetables and fruits, as well as— on certain days — foods high in carbohydrates, up to low-fat healthy sweets.

What is impossible

Do not allow products that combine a large amount of fat and carbohydrates. Diet carbohydrate alternation allows you to eat foods high in either carbohydrates or fats, but only separately.

Pros and cons

Many bodybuilders follow the same nutrition plan every day. The body’s ability to break down carbohydrates makes the diet more diverse. High-carb days will help your muscles get enough energy to grow, thereby reducing the amount of fat. Cons? They have this diet is actually not. Carbohydrate alternation is considered to be one of the best plans to maintain muscle mass when burning fat.

How to stick

In addition to adhering to your daily meal plan, it is important to understand how many carbs you should consume each day of the week because your menu will vary significantly from day to day. Sweet potatoes, brown rice, oatmeal and any grain bread are good sources of slow-splitting carbohydrates. Fast-burning carbohydrates come from sugar, honey and white bread. You can even eat desserts such as cake if this day involves eating a small amount of fat.
This plan is designed for the bodybuilder, who usually eats about 300 grams of carbohydrates per day during the mass collection. You can adjust these numbers up or down depending on your body weight and metabolic rate.

Approximate diet diet:

Monday. 150 g of carbohydrates a slow combustion in the first half of the day and simple carbs during workouts. Divide them into equal portions. In addition to vegetables, avoid carbohydrates for dinner.

Tuesday. Same as Monday.

Wednesday. Same as Monday.

Thursday. 400-500 g carbohydrates (enough a large number of) during the day. Limit your fat intake as much as possible on high-carb days.

Friday. Same as Monday. It’s Saturday. Same as Monday. Sunday. 300 grams of carbs. It is better to eat them at one meal than throughout the day. A good option dishes-violations — portion of low-fat pasta from durum wheat.