Asthenia, how to recognize it?

Asthenic syndrome is a problem of modern society, which prevents to conduct full-fledged activities and enjoy life The modern rhythm of life dictates its own rules: to succeed, you need to constantly be on the move. Such a concept as “abnormal work schedule” is no surprise, and therefore systematic lack of sleep, disturbed diet, physical…

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Food poisoning – symptoms and first aid

Absolutely everyone can suffer from food poisoning. You can get poisoned at a party, in cafes and restaurants, on a picnic and even home-made food that you made with your own hands. The reason is capable of becoming a substandard or spoiled food, meals, which were prepared or kept in violation of health standards. Poisoning…

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Most people often do not get enough sleep, so sleep can pull at the wrong time. But if you have every day a sleepy state, it is necessary to determine the cause. Causes of drowsiness. There are several natural and normal causes:  Rainy weather or stuffy room. In this case, the brain receives less oxygen…

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