Born to be different: TOP 5 most famous albino models

The success story of people who did not break the difficulties Every year on July 13, at the initiative of the UN General Assembly, the international day of dissemination of information about albinism is held around the world. Unusual appearance and lack of pigment – it would seem, what is the problem? But often people-albinos…

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Jacket and pants: the best combination

PICK AND MIX LIKE A PRO The Holy Grail for men who like to get the most out of clothes is a combination of different, sometimes not quite compatible things. If you wear a jacket to not the most suitable, at first glance, pants, it will breathe new life into your wardrobe and diversify your…

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Men’s jeans and how to choose them

Once the most fashionable and luxurious part of the wardrobe were considered jeans. Their value was equal to the value of the car, and the man in jeans was ranked as a class of favorites. Pants were an exclusive product and brought to the image of charm and European style. For this reason, men did…

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