Communication with girls

Communication with girls

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In our time, get acquainted with the girl is becoming increasingly difficult. On the streets, he meets not already taken and the real method is the Internet Dating sites and social networks.
And all would be well if not for one problem.  Communication with girls for guys is sometimes a real puzzle, if a man is not confident, has low self-esteem and a small vocabulary in his vocabulary. Girls love an assertive, interesting people, able to amaze with his charisma, and not necessarily to be handsome and athletic.

Psychology of communication with girls

All men know that there are certain rules of decency in communication, which should not be violated, in order to always appear before women in the best light.

Proper communication with a girl includes the following:

  • always be positive (if the girl is tired, the negative from you will not please her, but the positive emotions that you will give her, will carry you away, and will serve as a desire for further meetings);
  • always be a man (do not complain about life, friends, boss; always solve problems on their own and do not be afraid of responsibility);
  • carry yourself proudly and do not run after a woman (women quickly lose interest from those men who run after them);
  •  be always sure (communicate with several representatives of the fair sex at the same time – it will fill up your experience of communication, and also will give to feel your girl the competition, she will include a spirit of rivalry and she will want to get you; be dosed self-confident and assertive – it makes a good impression on women);
  • do not stop surprising (give unusual gifts that the young lady has not yet possessed or seen, do not forget about the usual flowers that will raise your chosen mood);
  • make your beloved compliments (be always attentive to the appearance, hairstyle; this will appreciate every girl, but the compliment should go from the heart);
  •  be able to always listen and hear (do not think about what to talk to a woman – she will tell everything, it’s their favorite pastime to talk about themselves, just listen, keep the conversation questions, so she saw the interest in your eyes);
  •  actively communicate, so that you can see the joy on your face from communication, meeting with you should be a holiday; do not delay the date until the moment when both will be bored; the same applies to conversations and walks;
  •  always be interesting, develop a versatile, a lot read, broad-minded will present you knowledgeable and interesting to talk to;

you should set a clear goal what you want: build relationships, make friends or just sex; remember, a long chat will make you friends, which is harder to break then, so maybe it is better to include the romance and to go for their goals.

Communication guy with a girl begins after the guy will appreciate her appearance. Any guy asks himself a question: whether his girlfriend is satisfied with the set of external characteristics. When a guy sees a young lady is not attractive, it passes by, and sharply looks away. If the young lady falls under the external attractiveness, then the connection is tied and there is a ritual of communication. The guy catches the girl further conversation, flirting with her. It would be a good sign if the girl answered with a smile. Pick an interesting topic for conversation, and if during communication noticed that the interest of the girl is missing: she looks at the phone, on the sides, then she’s bored. If the conversation does not stick, then you are to blame. Try to talk about the girl, ask about her life, plans for the future. Never lie, do not exaggerate, especially if you think in the future to continue the relationship. Make proper pauses, using hand gestures. Answer with your eyes, nod your head. Look is an important element in communication.

So, the acquaintance took place, and you have appointed the first date, which secretly afraid. As a mandatory start before further relationships it is important to make a good impression, and to triumph took place, take note of the following examples of communication with a girl on the first date:

  • talk about yourself, because the girl does not know anything about you, remember your achievements or what you do best in life, but so that it does not look like you brag about it. In no case do you talk about troubles, as well as failures, you have to make an impression of a successful person going to his goals;
  • talk about her, girls like when interested in their lives; you can remember common friends, talk about travel, animals and plans;
  • learn about each other in parallel, giving each other the opportunity to speak out;
  • talk about childhood and all that is associated with children’s experiences – girls love such memories.

Phrases for communication with the girl should be simple, easy spoken. Don’t ask too many questions in a row. Don’t discuss other women with the girl. Do not fuss, you show that you are nervous, and spoil everything. Look into the eyes, listening when the girl speaks.

Chat with a girl on the Internet

Information technology has made it possible for a person to easily get acquainted, communicate, translate virtual Dating into reality.

How to start communicating with a girl on the Internet? Currently, women are spoiled by attention on the Internet: cute smileys, banal phrases for Dating, so you have to try to captivate your person. Especially if you want to translate virtual communication into real. To start communication, it is important to find common ground that unites you. Do not write boilerplate phrases: “Hello! What’re you doing?”Try to be original, because the first impression is the brightest. It is important for yourself to understand what the purpose of Dating. If you do not know what to write — study photos of the girl, statuses which will tell a lot about the inner world and interests of the young lady. Do not send free gifts, winks – such things irritate girls and women. Be confident, forget about your fear of not being accepted or understood. If you did not answer one girl, write to others, the main thing is to keep trying to start talking. Be sure to answer.

So, you have struck up a correspondence, but there is a desire to translate acquaintance into real life. The main thing with this is not to delay, because according to statistics, if the virtual communication lasted up to two months, it is unlikely that it will already go to the real, and often the virtual representation does not coincide with the real, which is very frustrating for both sides and communication stops.

Good virtual communication does not mean that it can continue in everyday life. The first real meeting with virtual sympathy is a crucial moment that needs preparation. However, even set up for a date, you must remember that in real life like much more difficult, so you have to follow certain rules.


The main impression about the person develops quickly enough, within 20 minutes of conversation, and the continuation of your relationship depends on it. So try sincerely to show their emotions, look your partner in the eye, confidently behave. The topic of conversation can be thought out in advance, for example, what you learned from virtual communication can be further developed in the conversation. The main thing to be relaxed, cheerful, sad topics do not touch. Themes of past love, diseases, failures, problems at work, it is recommended not to touch. Call it more often by name – this will help to establish a subconscious connection between you. Don’t neglect it.

Be sure and honest on the first date – this will be the key to success and will have a multiple continuation. Remember that every man is worthy of the women he wants, the main thing to know how to do it right! May those words give you confidence in achieving your goal. All these tips should be taken into account their own style of communication and take what is right for you.