Food poisoning – symptoms and first aid

Food poisoning – symptoms and first aid

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Absolutely everyone can suffer from food poisoning. You can get poisoned at a party, in cafes and restaurants, on a picnic and even home-made food that you made with your own hands. The reason is capable of becoming a substandard or spoiled food, meals, which were prepared or kept in violation of health standards.

Poisoning is caused by microbes, toxins and other toxic substances that have entered the body with food. The consequences can be very serious – from dehydration to disruption of organs and systems, up to death. Health and life of a person depends on how timely and adequately he was given first aid. .

The time of appearance of the first symptoms and the symptoms themselves depend on what caused the poisoning. If a person is poisoned with poor quality food, the first signs of intoxication usually appear 2-4 hours after eating. If caused by poisonous mushrooms, berries or plants – usually after 4-12 hours.

Characteristic symptoms of toxicoinfection – nausea, vomiting, colic, diarrhea. If there was a headache, increased body temperature, increased pulse, a person feels General weakness, and the skin has become cyanotic – these are signs of acute intoxication. This condition requires immediate medical attention.

Poisoning with mushrooms, plants and berries can develop slowly and rapidly. In this case, every minute is precious to save a person’s life.

Food poisoning can be treated at home only with a mild degree of intoxication. But it is to heal, not to neglect. If there are threatening symptoms of intoxication, hospitalization is necessary. Especially if the cause of poisoning were mushrooms, canned food, alcoholic beverages.

In case of nausea and diarrhea after eating a child is recommended to call a doctor immediately.

First aid for food poisoning


If you or your loved ones have symptoms of poisoning after eating, first of all, analyze what could have caused it. If the day before a person ate mushrooms, berries, canned food, or consumed alcohol, you must immediately call an ambulance. Before the arrival of doctors, the victim needs first aid. The same principles should be followed by a person with a mild degree of poisoning.

The cleansing of the stomach. Through vomiting, the body tries to detoxify. A man needs a good drink. You need to drink until the vomiting stops. At the last attack, the vomit should be a relatively clean liquid without food and mucus impurities. This means that the stomach has cleared.

If vomiting does not occur spontaneously, it must be caused. To do this, use an aqueous solution of salt, baking soda or a weak solution of potassium permanganate. The solution irritates the stomach wall, and begins purifying vomiting. If this does not happen, it should be caused by irritation of the root of the tongue.

If a person is unconscious, delusional or very weak, you can not cause him to vomit at home. He could choke on the vomit. Children under 2 years and patients after strokes and heart attacks, gastric lavage should be done by qualified specialists.

Reception of medicines. To drugs first aid food poisoning are absorbent and enveloping means. Absorbents, such as activated carbon, can be used to prepare a solution for gastric lavage or taken in other ways according to the instructions. These drugs bind and remove toxic substances from the digestive tract. Enveloping substances prevent the absorption of toxic substances into the blood due to the fact that they cover the mucous membrane of the digestive tract with a thin film.

Plentiful drink. The liquid helps to accelerate the elimination of toxins from the body in food poisoning. Drinking is also necessary to make up for the loss of fluid that occurred during vomiting and diarrhea.

After food poisoning, it is recommended to drink ordinary boiled water with lemon, fruit drinks, alkaline mineral water without gas, black tea, chamomile broth. There are pharmaceutical preparations designed to restore the acid-base balance, disturbed by vomiting and diarrhea.

In addition, a warm drink helps a person to warm up and relieves pain. Vasospasm in cases of poisoning cause large heat loss, so the man is cold. To warm up, it is enough to wrap a blanket and put a heating pad to your feet.

Treatment of severe food poisoning is carried out only under the supervision of a doctor.

Additional recommendations for food poisoning


Part of the treatment for food poisoning is diet. In the first day after the symptoms of poisoning disappeared, only drinking regime is possible. If there was a feeling of hunger, you can eat a small amount of homemade crackers of white bread. Next, the food should be light, boiled, chopped. Start with porridge on water (oatmeal, rice), with vegetable or chicken broth. During the fourth meal, you can eat mashed potatoes and low-fat fish fillet, steamed. After another day, you can gradually return to the usual menu.

Depending on what caused the poisoning, you may need to take medications, such as bactericides, drugs to fight dysbacteriosis, enzyme preparations. These medications can only be taken on the advice of a doctor.