How to choose a tie for a shirt – fashion trends and practical recommendations

How to choose a tie for a shirt – fashion trends and practical recommendations

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For the first time to wear a tie began in Ancient China, since then, this detail of the men’s wardrobe invariably complements business suits and does not lose its relevance. Many men do not use a tie, fearing the wrong choice and ridiculous appearance. Our men’s blog will tell you how to choose a tie under a shirt and create a stylish, elegant image.

What are the ties

There are several types of ties. Classic long tie – the width of the product varies according to the physique. For a tall man with a sporty physique, a wide accessory is suitable, for a man of medium height with a tight figure, it is advisable to choose a standard model.


  • Regattas – the most practical option, as the tie is already tied and has a special braid, for its tying requires a minimum amount of time.


  • Windsor – this model is somewhat longer and wider than the classic model, it is easy enough to tie.
  • Model with 6-8 attachments – inside this model there is no gasket, and the required density of the product is achieved with the help of numerous attachments.
  • Bow tie – this detail has not been associated with a tuxedo for a long time, today you can choose an accessory of different shades that will harmoniously fit into the image.


How to choose a fashion accessory for a shirt –recommendations of stylists

A tie is a unique accessory that can transform a person, but also irrevocably spoil the image. That is why it is necessary to understand all the subtleties of choosing a tie. Remember – the accessory can not be lighter than the shade of the suit.

Here are some guidelines for choosing. kak-podobrat-galstuk-

  • Classic men’s style – black suit and white shirt – it is better to choose a product of neutral, pastel shades.To dark shirt stylists recommend to choose a tie by the color of the suit. The most versatile option – a white shirt, it harmoniously combines ties of all shades. The choice depends on the season – in summer it is preferable to use the accessory in light colors, and in winter – in the dark.
  • If there is a pattern on the tie, the color scheme of the pattern and the shirt should match – this choice indicates an unsurpassed sense of style and measure.
  • Solid color shirt in perfect harmony with the bright ties with a variety of prints.
  • In a tie must be present one main color – a shade of shirt or suit.

A few words about quality

The most important component of a stylish image – quality things. How to distinguish a quality accessory from a low quality product.
Choose only natural fabrics – cashmere, silk, wool.

  • A good tie should not be twisted, high-quality product retains its shape and is not deformed.
  • If possible, choose a handmade product. To distinguish such a work of art from a tie of machine production is possible on the seam located on the back side of the product – if it is hard, it indicates industrial tailoring.
  • A perfect tie when three pieces of fabric are sewn with two seams.
  • To tie kept in shape, at the base should be a special stitch.
  • The optimal length of the tie is 45 cm.



Play with color and pattern

In the case of a tie, it is very easy to go over the edge of elegance and create a tasteless image. You can not combine a striped suit, striped shirt and striped tie. At least one piece of clothing should be different – to be solid or with a different pattern. The most versatile and aesthetically attractive option – a suit and accessory in one palette, and a shirt – a contrasting color. If You want to learn how to combine clothes and accessories with patterns, follow these rules:

  • clothes with print are combined with a solid tie and Vice versa;
  • clothes with a large pattern are combined with an accessory with a small pattern.

If we talk about the colors, the most versatile is considered a blue suit, it is suitable for any tie. As for the accessory, the most versatile option recognized ties Burgundy and blue.

Ties and colors – features of choice:

  • When buying a color accessory, note that it was no more than three colors.

  • Always choose a tie to a particular suit.
  • If You are in doubt about the choice of colors, give preference to neutral colors, combine shades of the same color. So less chance of making a mistake
  • Shades can be saturated, but it is better to refuse motley accessories, of course, if You are not a fan of original images.


Two undesirable shades that give the skin a painful shade — light green and light yellow. To tie consistent with the situation :


  • red accessory in combination with a dark jacket and a light shirt will surely set You apart from the crowd;
  • in an informal setting looks great tie Burgundy shades;
  • for a solemn event, it is advisable to choose a tie of a blue shade or an unobtrusive strip;
  • for daily use, it is preferable to choose an accessory of dark blue or brown color;
  • a wedding is an occasion to wear a gray or silver tie.

Tie and shirt combination options

1. Striped shirt and striped tie.
In this case, the main thing to choose strips of different widths. This is quite informal, original image, but if the width of the strip is the same, the kit will be tasteless. When you look at this kit a person will be dazzled, and the individual parts will merge into one striped spot.


2. Plaid shirt and tie.
In this case, it is important to create a relaxed contrast, it should not be pronounced. It is best to combine different texture of the cell, as well as to combine bright colors with pastel.

3. Suit and shirt with different patterns.
To combine different patterns, of course, it is possible, but very carefully. Stylists recommend not to use small drawings in clothes. Here are a few possible options: a wide-striped shirt and an accessory in large “cucumbers”; a jacket in a large cage and an accessory in a wide strip.


4. Two identical third pattern and contrast detail.
Quite a bold image, but if You like to experiment, use a jacket in a large cage, plaid shirt and a chest scarf with a contrasting pattern. Tie at the same time should be solid. In this case, the following rule works – it is necessary to combine different in size and texture patterns.


 Stylish combination of solid shirts and ties

In the wardrobe of every man should be present shirts in three main colors: white, blue (blue) and pink. White shirt – the most versatile option, it is perfect for any tie.

How to choose a tie to a blue shirt


Using a blue shirt, the easiest way to demonstrate a sense of style. Here are some of the most successful and original solutions:

         1.Combinations of blue shirt and tie:

  • accessory of a darker shade or with a textured pattern, for example, a knitted tie with dark polka dots;
  • orange tie;
  • yellow and red are contrasting colors, it is best to choose ties of Burgundy and mustard shades;
  • green – blue shirt combined with a green tie is an exquisite set of self-confident, stylish men.2. Blue shirt and tie combinations.
    Blue shirt goes well with accessories of the following shades:
  • dark blue;
  • black;
  • brown;
  • beige;
  • red;
  • gray.

If the shirt is plain, the tie can be supplemented with a pattern in a cage or polka dots. Another win-win option is a tie to match the suit.

     How to choose a tie to a dark blue shirt

The blue color in the men’s wardrobe symbolizes reliability, trust and peace of mind. Dark blue shirts are the perfect background for the majority of ties, the most advantageous accessories look orange, pink, Burgundy and gray.

If You choose a color tie to a solid dark blue shirt, note that one color of the accessory duplicates the shade of the main part of the image.

How to choose a tie to a black shirt

A black shirt is an incredibly stylish detail of a man’s wardrobe. Choosing a tie to a black shirt, you can safely show imagination and create bright, extraordinary images.


If You choose a tie on the principle of contrast, pay attention to the accessories of white, scarlet, purple, purple, gold or silver. If the shirt has drawings, stripes, contrast panels, it is preferable to select solid-color ties. It is quite difficult to choose a tie to a black shirt, when you should take into account all the elements of the image. The most versatile option – a black shirt and black pants, in this case, a tie can be anything. If the black shirt matched gray pants, tie should be as much as possible to duplicate the shade of trousers.

How to wear a tie

The width of the tie should match the width of the lapels on the jacket. If we are talking about a classic tie, its width is 10 cm narrow tie, known as “herring”, preferably worn with a shirt fitted style and a jacket with narrow lapels.

In the classic set, the length of the tie ends at the level of the buckle. The maximum allowed length is 1 cm below the buckle. With a tie, you can adjust the proportions of the figure.

Men of short stature, whose legs are shorter than the body, it is preferable to choose a tie a little shorter, which ends a few centimeters above the waist. Tall men with long legs can wear a tie that ends a few inches below the belt.

The free end of the accessory must be secured with a special loop, which is located on the reverse side. After reading the article, be sure to share it with your friends on social networks and leave your opinion. Tell us, do You wear a tie or a bow tie in everyday life, by what criteria do you choose an accessory?