How to determine whether the girl?

How to determine whether the girl?

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Intelligence agencies and psychologists have long used sign language. Thus, it is possible to analyze a person during a conversation, as well as get information about him. Any person analyzes the other on a subconscious level. Paying attention to certain phrases, behavior, facial expressions a lot of information impossible to obtain. Most often we understand when a certain person likes us, but because of selfishness, we do not want to accept if a person is indifferent. Causing begins the justification of behavior and actions. In love, a behavior is difficult to hide, as they are virtually not controlled.

How to understand what a girl likes me (body Language)
Posture. If a girl is a nice guy, she immediately straightens her back. After all, she wants to show their best side. Men immediately pay attention to the buttocks and chest, so these parts of the body should be immediately presented. If the back is a stoop, then focus on the bust will not work.
She’s starting to primp. At the meeting, look at the girl’s hands, if she starts to touch her face, straighten her hair, pull the lobe, she pursues two goals: checks her hair and face, and also wants to attract attention to herself. When the lady raises her hand, her Breasts slightly raised, so it looks more profitable. Men also tend to tidy themselves up if they saw a pretty girl.


The feet are in your direction. The arrangement of the legs is one of the most famous gestures. If a person wants to achieve your location, then during the conversation he put one of his feet in your direction, even if he does not look you in the eye. The feet are placed where a person would like to go. This can be seen in the school, almost all students, feet are directed to the exit.

Begins to catch your eye. From the look, you can determine whether the girl feels sympathy for you. She can look you in the eye. You can ask her if she remembers the color of your eyes, if she answers correctly, your chances increase.

 Confuses. It has always been known that before the object of adoration a person begins to be embarrassed. If her ears are burning, cheeks, during the meetings look, then you are clearly cute. But this can only be attributed to young people who can not yet control themselves. Adult ladies are able not to give it.

Listen carefully. When a girl listens carefully, it means that she wants to get the most information from you. If at this moment she also touches herself, it only confirms that she likes you. – Draws attention to the legs. When a woman constantly changes her posture, throws her legs, she wants to draw attention to them.

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 Laughing at jokes. If a woman actually likes your unfunny jokes, it: 1, she realizes that men like that; 2 it increased adrenaline in the blood.

Dilated pupils. Try to see the pupils of the girl, if she has increased adrenaline, they will be expanded.


Nibbles and licks his lips. In this case, it draws attention to them. If you want to determine whether you like a girl, it can be determined by indirect signs. Often asks for small services, attracts attention, makes you feel strong and useful because it is like young people.