How to meditate before going to bed: practical tips

How to meditate before going to bed: practical tips

July 17, 2019 0 By admin

To help your body relax, you can begin to meditate before going to bed

Meditation – is an ancient technique to relax the body and balance the mind, which will help to bring you a sense of harmony and peace. Meditation can only take a few minutes of your time per day, but it will bring great benefits to your health. And practicing every day, you will feel how the negative gradually disappears from your life.

Meditation before going to sleep benefits both the physical body (helps it to relax) and the spiritual state of the person, bringing the psyche into balance in the morning to start a new day with a clean slate emotionally and spiritually.

Meditation before bedtime will help

  • calm,
  • relax the body,
  • get ready for bed,
  • clear your mind,
  • to realize your current state.

During the performance of this meditation, it is not necessary to sit in the Lotus position – the main thing is to get comfortable.

The best meditation before going to bed will be the practice of conscious attention and controlled breathing Such meditation will bring great benefits to the mind and body. It is recommended to perform at bedtime, and it will contribute to a more complete sleep and conscious process of falling asleep, preventing “failure” to sleep. After such meditation, the time spent on sleep itself is greatly reduced. It turns out that the quality of sleep only wins. At the same time, sleep time is saved.

Technique of meditation before going to bed


1. Concentration on inhalation and exhalation helps to calm the mind, its mental activity is reduced, while thoughts cease to fill the head. So I focus on my breathing and just watch him.

2. As long as you really do this, no other thoughts can arise. As soon as you are distracted, you will immediately notice that some thought has crept into your consciousness; but it’s okay, just switch back to watching, feeling the breathing process and continue such meditation.

3. After such meditation it is better to lie down comfortably and try to fall asleep.

Practice meditation regularly — and the results will not be long in coming.