How to quickly get rid of hiccups: folk ways

How to quickly get rid of hiccups: folk ways

August 12, 2019 0 By admin

To hiccups quickly passed, you need to suck a piece of lemon

From time to time we are attacked by hiccups and we think how to get rid of it. Hiccups can be very annoying, and that just do not, as soon as possible to stop hiccups.

Therefore, we offer you a series of proven folk remedies and techniques to combat hiccups.

What is hiccups

Hiccup is involuntary, rhythmically repeated short and strong breath in sharply closed or constriction of the glottis, caused by a convulsive contraction of the diaphragm. Hiccups occur for no apparent reason and usually after some time passes by itself.

Why do I get hiccups

Scientific approach. Scientists believe that hiccups, which often occur in humans and some animals, is a kind of reminder that the ancient ancestors of humans and animals breathed with gills. Hiccups in humans occur with sudden convulsive muscle contractions, which are used to inhale air, although people do not need it. There is another scientific version: hiccups are associated with the instinct of sucking mother’s milk.

Nervous tic. Hiccups are a manifestation of a nervous TIC. Under the influence of the diaphragmatic nerve, which for unknown reasons transmits excitation to the muscles of the diaphragm, and these uncontrollable spasms occur.

Psychology. Hiccups are associated with psychological causes. It occurs when a person experiences severe fear or during severe stress. In such cases, hiccups are unconscious, getting rid of it is harder. It reflects a person’s desire to avoid unpleasant events.

How to quickly get rid of hiccups: folk remedies

  • The most common way for people to say, “Hiccup, hiccup, go to Fedot with Fedot at Jacob with Jacob – all”.
  • Try to get rid of hiccups reflex way. Press your finger against the root of your tongue as if you were going to induce vomiting. Spasm of the esophagus helps to eliminate spasms of the diaphragm.
  • Drink a large Cup of water in small SIPS.
  • Swallow a little something very sour or bitter. For example, suck a piece of lemon.
  • Try sprinkling sugar on your tongue and swallow it.
  • Eat a slice of stale bread or some finely chopped ice.


  • Grasp the tongue and gently pull it down and out.
  • Inhale several times, and then hold your breath. Exhale into a paper bag, and when you inhale, take a breath from this bag. So you will increase the content of carbon dioxide in the blood, and hiccups will pass faster.
  • Do push-UPS or swing the press until the hiccups pass by itself.
  • Some of the hiccups helps sucking candy.
  • At least one of these methods should help to cope with hiccups. The main thing – to calm down, not to dwell on the result and not to be nervous. Maybe hiccups are given to us from above, so that we stoically endure small life troubles.

The risk of hiccups

Hiccups – this is not always harmless, although annoying, phenomenon. It may indicate a serious illness. For example, persistent hiccups sometimes appear in patients with pneumonia, hiatal hernia and even a sign of cancer. Possible psychophysical reasons for the occurrence of hiccups built.

When you need to go to the doctor with a case of hiccups

When the hiccup does not pass more than an hour, if the hiccup torments you several times a day, if, in addition to hiccups, you feel heartburn, chest pain or swallowing disorders, then you need to go to the doctor to appoint you a survey and identify the cause of constant hiccups.