How to start creating a beach body

How to start creating a beach body

March 13, 2019 0 By admin

If the press cubes are made in the kitchen, the beach body is built in January. Well, or at least laid the foundations for the construction of the body, which can be shown on the beach. Like most other clichés, it has a reasonable basis. Taking this enough time and gradually increasing momentum, you are able to really make changes in your life. You can prepare your body for vacation in 4 weeks, but you will have to suffer for it, sometimes performing painful training in the spirit of military training. And even if this mode will lead to the desired result, the process will not be the most pleasant. So after a vacation, you are likely to return to your old habits. And the result will be terrible. Beach body is necessary for you for everyday life, not just for vacation. In addition, classes easier to start in the sober month of March than in Sunny June, when the beer and beckons you.

Create a framework

Tim Walker, a body transformation specialist at Evolution of Man Fitness believes that building muscle is the best way to get and maintain a good body. It takes more time, but the result lasts longer. You can lose a kilo of fat in a week, but you can build up a kilo of muscles in a month. Muscle is your ally. They consume more calories than fat and allow you to look strong even if you are not. So, if you just want to give your body tone, you have to get acquainted with the area of free weights. The fastest way to build muscle will help squats, deadlift, pull in the slope, pull up to chin level and bench press rod. Start with 10-12 reps and gradually add weight and reduce the number of reps by 2 every few weeks until you get to 6-8 reps. Then increase the number of repetitions to 10-12 while maintaining weight.


You don’t need to gain weight and then dry like an overcooked bodybuilder. You can build muscle and lose fat at the same time. Despite the Association with huge jocks, strongman exercises are also effective. This is, for example, pushing the sled, turning the tire or hitting it with a sledgehammer. You can also get the effect of any kind of cardio with 100 percent intensity for 10-15 seconds. Training doesn’t have to be exhausting. Just include these muscle building exercises in your regular workout. For example, 8 repetitions of squats, chin pull-UPS, bench press, deadlift and press exercises with rest between exercises for 15-30 seconds. Make three laps with a rest of 60 seconds between them. By exercising this way, you will burn a lot of fat per workout and it will continue to burn after exercise.


Pick your Arsenal

Spend on training equipment to have enough for the working week. Nothing cools the heat after a few days of training like the realization that you don’t have any clean clothes or workout clothes that fit together (Yes, there are some perverted athletes).

So buying the training clothes is only white, black or gray color makes sense. Even if it is a combination of t-shirts with shorts. Sometimes you find it a good excuse not to go to the gym the fact that you spend too much energy on the selection of clothes for the gym. Although this is a very weak excuse.


And even if it seems strange to you, buy a notebook to record your training patterns, repetitions, and weights. The training diary confirms that you are progressing and motivates you even if you don’t see the result in the mirror yet. And you may want to buy special dishes to prepare healthy meals and snacks! But what you do not need to spend money on is expensive supplements. Very few of them, except protein, caffeine, and creatine, have a proven effect. But this effect is visible only to competing fitness models. Instead of buying illegal supplements on the Internet, you can simply drink black coffee before training and a protein shake after it, if you think it is necessary. Or just eat any other food.

Clean the environment

Despite the assurances of fashionable nutritionists, proper nutrition is not so difficult and unpleasant. Each meal should contain a good portion of protein, slow carbohydrates, healthy fats (depending on your level of activity) and a lot of vegetables. The only problem is to stick to this menu all the way from fat to slim. Former cricket player, psychologist and founder of Sporting Edge Jeremy Snape says, “you will succeed or lose depending on what choice you make, especially when you are vulnerable.” The problem is, making decisions is exhausting. It is because you are tired of making decisions that you are drawn to harmful food. Ideally, we would like to make the right choice by default, but the habit is not formed immediately – it takes from 21 to 66 days, according to research.


One of the easiest ways to change your habits is to change your environment. Your choice is shaped by what surrounds you. For example, this cake in the dining room, where you go to lunch with colleagues. To abandon it would be easier if you have captured from home lunch or snack. Cooking the right food in advance will save you from impulsive shopping. You can’t control the assortment of office canteen, but you can cook dinner at home. If you go to the store full, it will save you from an uncontrolled purchase of harmful products. If you remove alcohol and other threats to your body away from the eyes, for example, in the garage, you prefer to take instead lying at hand nuts or fruit. And it is better not to buy harmful products.