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Most people often do not get enough sleep, so sleep can pull at the wrong time. But if you have every day a sleepy state, it is necessary to determine the cause.

Causes of drowsiness. There are several natural and normal causes:

  • ┬áRainy weather or stuffy room. In this case, the brain receives less oxygen due to low atmospheric pressure.
  • ┬áBig lunch. The brain receives little energy, as most of the blood flow to the stomach.
  • Jet lag.

In such situations, you need to move, go outside, and if you went to another country, with a different time zone, then in a couple of days you will acclimatize. If you constantly want to sleep for these reasons, you need to consider other options.


Thyroid. Thyroid hormones are responsible for various functions of the body: control weight, metabolism, maintain tone. If the production of hormones is insufficient, then there is drowsiness, because metabolism slows down. The main symptoms are memory loss, fatigue, dry skin, brittle hair, weight increases, despite the reduced appetite.

In this case, it is necessary to pass the necessary tests and consult an endocrinologist.

Diabetes. American experts recommend checking for diabetes if a person suffers from drowsiness in the daytime. Insulin transports glucose into cells, and if there is an imbalance in its receipt and disposal, the person pulls into sleep. Therefore, drowsiness can occur with low or high glucose levels. If you are often dizzy, low blood pressure, itching of the skin, dry mouth, weakness, then you need to contact an endocrinologist and take tests for sugar levels in urine and blood.


Hypotension. In this case, reduced blood flow to the brain and greatly reduced blood pressure, resulting in drowsiness. Hypotension can be determined by the following symptoms: dizziness, lethargy, weakness, headache. Therefore, it is necessary to measure the daily pressure, if it is constantly reduced, it is necessary to consult a therapist.

Deficiency anemia. If the body is deficient in iron, it produces insufficient hemoglobin, responsible for the supply of oxygen to all organs, causing the brain to “suffocate”, and the person wants to sleep. In this case, you need to donate blood to the level of hemoglobin, if it is low, then you need to contact a therapist. The doctor will advise you how to change the daily diet, as well as prescribe iron-containing medicines.


Depression. Drowsiness acts as a protection against stress.

The brain can not cope with the experiences and begins to work worse, so there is drowsiness. In this case, you need to determine the cause of this condition, and try to solve the problem. If you do not succeed, you should consult a psychologist.

Drug. Some medications have a hypnotic and sedative effect. These include tranquilizers, antihistamines, which are taken in an allergic reaction. Therefore, before taking medicines you should read the instructions. If a sleepy condition is indicated as a side effect, then you need to ask the doctor to replace the drug.

Daytime sleep. American scientists argue that two-hour day sleep improves cognitive abilities in humans. The information that a person receives before going to bed in the daytime, is remembered and processed several times better. Elderly people are not recommended to sleep during the day. Belgian scientists say that people who like to sleep during the day after 65 years, often suffer from cardiovascular diseases.