International coffee day: what dose of the drink will benefit the body

International coffee day: what dose of the drink will benefit the body

April 17, 2019 0 By admin

The international coffee day is celebrated on April 17

Coffee is no longer a bad habit. Only numerous experiments have forced who to recognize that this drink is even useful if you know the measure.

But it can be dangerous to “drink” coffee. Coffee intoxication occurs when the drink is of poor quality or contains too much caffeine. It shakes your body and makes you dizzy.


In addition, coffee is contraindicated for people with hypertension and high heart rate. As complications, it can cause a stroke and even a heart attack. But, despite this, coffee has many useful properties: tones stimulate mental activity and gives energy. It is coffee that prevents liver disease and constipation. The drink even helps to lose weight: accelerates metabolism, reduces appetite and removes fluid from the body.
Geneticists say: one Cup of coffee per day will be useful for everyone. But whether you can drink more – depends on several factors, such as gender, hormonal background, pregnancy, and medication. Therefore, the answer to this question can give a genetic test. It determines how quickly a person removes caffeine from the body and whether there is a dependence.

Experts advise drinking strong Robusta in the morning. But Arabica is suitable in the evening because it has less caffeine. It should be used after meals, doctors say. And those to whom coffee is contraindicated, offer to drink decafenato – decaf coffee.