Jacket and pants: the best combination

Jacket and pants: the best combination

June 18, 2019 0 By admin


The Holy Grail for men who like to get the most out of clothes is a combination of different, sometimes not quite compatible things. If you wear a jacket to not the most suitable, at first glance, pants, it will breathe new life into your wardrobe and diversify your everyday or formal images. But you do not just need to wear two different garments together — so you do not create the perfect image. It is important to consider the combination of colors and textures. Here are seven safe for style combinations that are successfully used by many fashionistas.
The blue jacket to which you will wear beige trousers or chinos is the best combination of individual garments that you can only choose. It looks equally impressive in winter and summer. It is pleasant to the eye and on the South French coast, and in a London pub. There are no strict restrictions on what style the jacket should be. The choice depends on the type of your figure and personal style. However, we would offer a double-breasted jacket for formal events, and for informal ones — a classic jacket with two buttons or a “soft”, slightly shapeless option. To complete the image, add a shirt, tie and leather Derby shoes — this is suitable, for example, for an evening reception. And if you wear a t-shirt with a triangular neckline and leather sneakers, you can go to dinner with friends.


Gray jacket and blue pants

One of the timeless combinations for men — gray jacket and blue pants — was created in the tailor’s Paradise. No matter where you go in these clothes — in the office or in the bar on the weekend — this ensemble is versatile, courageous, it always gives a confident and stylish look. It is worth saying that although we recommend wearing a gray jacket with blue pants, this combination works perfectly and Vice versa — you can diversify your wardrobe with a combination of blue jacket with gray pants. To complete the look, use the basic wardrobe items — a white shirt, a neutral tie and black classic shoes for the office. For the evening you should choose a t-shirt with prints and loafers or sneakers.


Black jacket and grey trousers

Black jacket and gray pants are the Best option for those who want to look stylish, but not defiantly — black and gray. If you combine these garments with a shirt, tie and suitable shoes, you get the perfect combination for informal events. Monochrome combinations can be associated with a meeting room, so you should dilute them to get an outfit for the weekend. It is ideal for an evening dress, which should be practical, but at the same time stylish, to change a standard shirt with a tie to a simple t-shirt or Polo, and strict shoes to more relaxed loafers. Black and gray are simple and even boring colors, so if you want to add brightness, you can complete the image with a colorful scarf in your pocket or a silk scarf. As with gray and blue, this combination works in both directions. No matter what you choose — a black jacket with gray trousers or a gray jacket with black trousers — the image in any case will be spectacular.


Soft jacket and chinos pants

For the office, which allowed casual clothing, there is nothing better and more comfortable than such a multi-layered combination. The basis of the image is quite formal, but softer materials and more relaxed forms are taken for it — it’s much easier to change from business to free time. Do not fasten the jacket — so it will be softer to fit the shoulders and the whole body. Patch pockets, shawl collar and cuffs make the jacket more “casual”, and the choice of materials for it is very wide — cotton twill, wool, Jersey or light denim. In this combination, neutral shades look better, so it is better to choose chinos trousers of gray, beige, blue or black. Choose any combination of colors from the examples in this article or choose shades of beige, brown and white. Complement this smart casual style with a pair of minimalist sneakers or low loafers. It’s simple.


Jacket and pants in different shades of blue

If you wear a different jacket and pants, it does not mean that they should be different in color. You can combine things of different shades of the same color, without thinking much about how perfectly they fit. This also applies to shades of gray, but blue — the safest color, if we talk about the combination of its tones. The only thing to think about is the difference between top and bottom. This can be a huge difference in tones — a petrol jacket and dark blue chinos or a dark blue jacket and sky blue pants. Another option — close shades, but different materials, for example, a jacket can be of a pock, structured fabric of the same color as the pants, or even of a different fabric. Finish the image will help white or blue shirt. For formal events, add a tie to the white shirt.


Tweed and denim

Perfect for autumn/winter, this combination is loved by men of several generations. It is ideal for men who are not too versed in fashion and style, but want to look good. It is a compromise between fashionable and casual clothes without compromising on practicality. To create a trendy look from these two pieces, pair them with a pair of brown boots and a round-neck jumper — so you can head to the bar in the middle of the week. And for more fashionable events, choose a jumper-turtleneck and leather brogues. If you wear Selvidzh denim (and you must choose nominal his!), don’t forget to tuck the jeans a couple of times to demonstrate a real edge Produces. Those who do not really like tweed for its appearance, weight or subjective feelings, you can choose a jacket from other suitable materials for winter — wool, corduroy or flannel. These fabrics look great with denim and highlight its working origin.