Long-distance relationships: how to behave with your loved one

Long-distance relationships: how to behave with your loved one

March 19, 2019 0 By admin

Often in loving people, there is a need for separation and development of relations at a distance. It can be a relationship on Dating sites or sailors with their wives, sometimes it happens that the work you need to leave for a long period. There are a lot of such situations.  Is it worth to continue this life and is not it better to look for some alternative? How do you keep a long-distance relationship? And can this the end of the and further continue to not worth? Read the answers to these difficult questions in our article.

Build and save relationships, even constantly seeing each other, it is Oh how difficult. What can we say about the situation when people for various reasons are far from each other! Nevertheless, even this is possible with your mutual desire. The main thing is to have something to protect so that you really feel love, and in fact, real love is not afraid of neither time nor distance – from this, it becomes only stronger and cleaner, like a good wine.

Long distance relationships: agree on your obligations

The length of time during which people are able to keep their love and loyalty depends on how carefully they treat each other. It is important that your love does not make you hostage to the situation, and from loving people, you do not become prisoners. After all, each person differently tolerates separation: one can wait for years, and the other constantly needs energy or sexual nourishment, so that his feelings do not weaken. Agree with each other, what do you see your relationship – monogamous or free. This will help to avoid further unnecessary questions, jealousy, and quarrels.


Relationships at a distance: on the advice of a psychologist do not be silent

Sincerity and honesty are important in any relationship. This is especially true of people living in different cities. If you are tormented by some experiences, share them with your loved one – and your problems will be halved. And a loved one will have the opportunity to take care of you, give good advice, sympathize and experience mutual feelings in the partner.

Long distance relationships: amaze each other

Let the distance between you does not become an obstacle to close communication, sympathy and surprise each other. Try to bring romance to your regular phone calls and chats. After all, in our time there is no shortage of messengers. Let it be messages out of schedule, some jokes, pleasant surprises and reminders about yourself. So you will feel closer to each other both literally and figuratively. But do not overdo it so that your communication does not turn into an obsession.


Long-distance relationships: support your sex life

The fact that you live in different places and do not sleep in the same bed, does not mean that your sex life should freeze and atrophy. On the contrary, long-distance relationships, according to psychology, further fuels the passion by anticipating a future meeting in real life. In the meantime, arrange yourself sex on the phone, because, according to many psychologists, our brain is the largest sexual organ.

Long-distance relationships, show confidence

You know that your partner is busy with work, and therefore you should not doubt him. Even if he did not get to call in time, it may be for their own reasons. Remember that jealousy is the greatest enemy of love, able to undermine even the strongest feelings. Let your long-distance relationship be stronger than base and destructive jealousy.