Men’s jeans and how to choose them

Men’s jeans and how to choose them

March 6, 2019 0 By admin

Once the most fashionable and luxurious part of the wardrobe were considered jeans. Their value was equal to the value of the car, and the man in jeans was ranked as a class of favorites. Pants were an exclusive product and brought to the image of charm and European style. For this reason, men did not think about what to wear black jeans or what to combine blue pants. Today, a pair of jeans is the basis of any wardrobe, but not always selected image is admired by others. For each pair of men’s trousers, designers picked up specific recommendations for combining with other elements of the image.

What to wear classic blue and black jeans

First of all, jeans are an integral part of the casual style. They go well with white t-shirts, plaid shirts, warm cardigans, and pullovers. Some stylists believe that you can not wear jeans with a denim shirt, however, if all parts of the image are selected in one tone — it looks stylish.


Light blue jeans combined with white t-shirts, light shirts, hoodies and sweaters thick knit. As for outerwear, jeans look quite harmoniously with a leather jacket. If You want to inject some rigor and restraint in his image, wear a white or blue shirt, and the top throw a jacket.

Complement the image of Accessories-belt, tie or scarf, it is important that they echoed with the shade of shoes. Black jeans look harmoniously with sportswear, with things in casual style and even classics. Combine them with shirts of different shades, bright sweaters, and cardigans, sweaters with a high neck, jumpers, and turtlenecks. A very bright and contrasting image is obtained in combination with a white t-shirt. Try to complement the classic set – black jeans and a white t – shirt-white sneakers and a black leather jacket. You can replace the sneakers with brown shoes and dilute the image with a white hat. Stylish and strict look black jeans with a shirt and a jacket complemented by a classic cut, as accessories use a tie. You can wear a coat on top.

Shoes to black jeans pick up the most different-stylish shoes, rough shoes, sneakers, loafers. Just pick comfortable shoes for you.


What to wear ripped jeans

Every year designers offer new models of men’s jeans because things in the style of denim are so practical that they will never lose relevance. A special niche in men’s fashion is ripped jeans. The secret of the popularity of this extravagant model in a combination with practicality and efficiency. Many guys use ripped jeans to meet with representatives of the opposite sex. The paradox is that girls are attracted to slightly careless and brutal young men. It is jeans with traces of aging emphasize the style and originality of Your inner world. These jeans fit perfectly into a comfortable and always fashionable casual wardrobe. The slits on the pants can be small or Vice versa – to open a significant part of the feet. Everything is determined by individual preferences and specific conditions. Today ripped jeans are present in the fashion collections of all designers and are produced by world brands of denim. Pay attention to models from Galliano, Dolce&Gabbana, Frankie Morello, Diesel, Just Cavalli, and LTB.

Among these brands, you can choose models of different styles, colors, a different number of slots, their shape and size.


With trousers with slits appropriate look: hoodies; sweaters fine knit; t-shirts and t-shirts. The optimal set for everyday look-ripped jeans and a shirt one tone darker than the pants. In cold weather, you can add a sweater set.

You can also wear a denim shirt over a black t-shirt. If you are going to a noisy and fun party, feel free to choose a shirt with bright colors and original prints. Complete the look with a leather belt and quality sunglasses.

What to wear with skinny jeans skinny.

Before moving on to the question – what to wear with skinny jeans, let’s understand what the skinny is different from the Sliema. Many people mistakenly use both terms for the name of one model of men’s trousers, but this is not quite true. Skinny is very skinny jeans. Slimy-classic pants narrowed cut. The original skinny was considered a part of women’s wardrobe. Thanks to democratic modern fashion narrowed pants have become part of the men’s wardrobe. Narrow jeans are preferable to choose men with good physique because skinny emphasize all the flaws and extra inches on the figure. Jeans narrowed style combined with t-shirts, which also emphasize the figure.


You should not wear skinny jeans with a shirt untucked. Another decent option – a classic shirt. You can also use a t-shirt and a shirt in the kit, and in cold weather, it is enough to wear a jacket. To pants narrowed cut perfectly fit on the figure, it is important to choose the right model and color. Remember that tight pants will demonstrate your interest in modern fashion. This season, the most relevant are the models of blue, black, brown and gray shades, also popular skinny khaki. To create a stylish, comfortable image enough to buy: a few shirts-white, blue and checkered; a few jumpers and sweaters.

Combining them, you can create stylish images.

Remember fashion recommendations that will help to better navigate the world of fashion: if the bottom of the outfits is dark, the top should be light; in order not to disturb the proportions of the body to the narrowed jeans, it is better to choose a volume top.

Straight jeans-what to wear and how to choose.

A classic cut Jeans-a great choice for the office, business meetings, and everyday wardrobe. To skillfully hide some “street”, that is, casual in the image, you need to understand what to wear inflated jeans.

This issue stylists pay special attention because we are talking about the most practical and popular items of clothing. For office work opt for dark shades. Such models look restrained, businesslike, but at the same time very democratic. To maintain a business style in the wardrobe, pay attention to the cut of jeans. Overly narrowed models in the office look out of place. For the office, business meeting and a visit to the Institute choose classic shirts. After this, the image acquires a certain official. For an informal meeting with friends or a city walk instead of a classic shirt, you can wear a Polo shirt or flannel. A great addition to jeans for a strict image will be a jacket. It is selected rich blue, black or brown. Shoes-the most important element of Your stylish image. It is appropriate to choose a business set of classic shoes and any of their variations – oxfords, brogues or loafers. Another element of the business set is a stylish black belt. This detail will add elegance to the image.


Thus, classic cut jeans are quite acceptable and practical clothing for the office and even business meetings, most importantly, to perfectly match shoes and accessories.