Sports and physical education in the life of modern men

Sports and physical education in the life of modern men

March 1, 2019 0 By admin

I would like to touch upon such an important and a rather broad topic as the way of life of a man in General. As one of my Instructors used to say – men as a class, unfortunately, disappear. What did he mean? Let’s dive into history, and remember what we generally associate the word “man”. The warrior, the breadwinner, the leader, the knight, the commander, the father, the head of the family. Now can we say the same about most modern men? Alcoholics, drug addicts, cowards, homebodies and henpecked, physically weak, and not even trying to change anything about it.


Why is this happening? Because people stopped developing. And physically, and spiritually, and mentally. Because, that modern propaganda raze not promotes such the right things as sport, physical culture, development spiritual and mental elements of, but famously promotes drunkenness, debauchery, burning life, and many other harmful things. In this article we will focus on the simplest area that can be developed without problems if you regularly engage in – physical, ie, sports and physical education.

Let’s hit the road.

So, let’s talk about sports. Let’s start with the current state of Affairs. It’s sad. In today’s world, the rhythm of life has increased so much and continues to increase (especially in Metropolitan areas) that people do not have time to literally ANYTHING. Not only that, it has long been considered the norm of delay at work, and no one cares that the working day until 18.00-19.00, so even if the presence of the family or there are additional Hobbies: music, art, or something else, the time after work is only for dinner and sleep. The question of sport did not go. Many of the ideas of sports are reduced to an irregular walk to the gym, often with long breaks, which are sometimes delayed for years.

Immediately the question arises – and if I do not need more? Then the question on the forehead-your health is not particularly interested in you? You do not want to feel cheerful, do not experience any pain in the joints, have flexible and trained ligaments? Have healthy internal organs, be rid of curvature of the vertebrae, and have a toned and beautiful body in the end? If not, then you have the wrong address, I apologize for spending 10 minutes of your time.

As well, we have to be a situation where you doubt whether you will get the same, the above-desired benefits spent on classes a time or not? At least part of the answer to this question is obvious – doing as most do – of course not get. Then how should you study? Here we come closer to the subject of the article, which is the answer to this question. And the most important secret you know what? It is quite obvious, however, many overlook it. And here it is: “to deal with them every day, not twice a week.” And not for a couple of months, but for a lifetime!


1) Most important is, of course, the possibility to achieve real results through regular workouts. Quite an obvious fact, because if you do every day for many years, the result is simply nowhere to go, he just needs to visit you periodically, which can not but rejoice.

2) Human factor. Giving installation to be engaged every day, the person in certain way programs himself. It is clear that we are all people, not robots, and will not be able to constantly engage every day. And that’s the trick! Maybe you will get tired after work and can not force yourself, or stay late and be late for training, or you will be invited to a birthday party, or a pretty blonde from a nearby Department will finally agree to go on a date with you, there can be many reasons. But the main thing people will try to do every day! And the result may be 5 times a week or 6. However, this is a good result and much more than you had before!

3) a Certain way of thinking. Also a very interesting psychological thing. I’ll try to explain. Many people, when they heard the phrase “you have to do it every day,” appeared in the eyes of horror. Exactly the same horror and the wall of misunderstanding and rejection occurs when a person far from sports, you say that you get up at 6 am every weekday and jog before work. At the same time, other people who are not professional athletes and as well as all go to work, have a family and children, are addicted to something, not only there is no horror, but it is part of their lives. What is the difference between such people? In the second case, sports pastime is a real alternative to many senseless and harmful things, such as drinking a beer on a bench, sitting in a smoky bar, or just sit on the Internet. The author is not a hypocrite and does not call for such (too correct) behavior, the attitude to alcohol and tobacco will be expressed later. Here the sense in more correct, from the point of view of health and advantage, thinking when the person in free time itself wants to go to a horizontal bar and to make a couple of approaches. And it is not some kind of tension, or something very difficult-it is a voluntary desire to spend time in this way. Again-for many now it seems incredible and may even be a deviation, but it is not. Just so very much became a way of life to drink beer in front of the TV, which greatly promoted and is a certain way man in movies and TV series. We must try not to fall under the influence of such zombies.

Now more detail about training.

The main idea has already been expressed, but again – it is necessary to train every day, regularly, throughout life.

Do not be afraid, nobody talks about the daily two hour grueling workouts. This is a lot of professionals, athletes, and fighters who need to prove to everyone that they are the best in the world several times a year at competitions, the rest do not need it. Here, as in any field, you have to start small. Get up 10 minutes early in the morning and do 20-30 push-UPS from the floor. Difficult? And it’s not as little as it seems. The main thing to start. Do 20 times, a week for 30, a month for 50, and 10 sit-UPS, another month 70 push-UPS, 30 sit-UPS, and 30 abs, etc. Do not think that it is better to do nothing than to do so little. That’s not so. If you do not do anything, it is difficult for one day to put yourself in the training program of a professional athlete. It’s not necessary. You should start gradually, and you will increase the load and determine what exercises you need when you begin to understand.

Now a few specific practical tips for those who still decided to take action.

1) the easiest option is to go to any section. I started it so (by the way, at the first training session fainted from the load, so that’s something!). Choose to your taste what you like-sports, gymnastics, athletics or weightlifting, Thai Boxing, karate, etc. Why the easiest – because there is a coach who will explain how to do and will serve as a kind of motivator for action. In this case, the most difficult thing is to force yourself to come to the training.

2) Gym course is also an option, but in my opinion, much worse than item 1. If in addition, then Yes, super. If you are a beginner or take the coach (that is quite a little expensive), or each exercise CAREFULLY sort through with the help of YouTube or experienced colleagues, and hone technique and the first 3 months not to think about the scales. Squats and deadlifts to make sure, but VERY carefully and with a belt. In the summer are very good horizontal bars and bars, although in winter no one bothers to deal with them in the same way, here the motivation is seeded higher. And one more minus-it is necessary to force itself not only to come to training but also to be engaged independently (if without the trainer). Can be hard. Ideally, if you agree to go with someone.

3) If you have any health problems, it is necessary to include in the exercise program specifically for your illness. If there are problems with the spine, you need to include a variety of exercises for him, if heart problems, including aerobic exercise, ie running in the first place (start small and very hard to monitor the reaction of the body, do not overload, but do not give too little load, it should be hard necessarily! Otherwise, the work is not happening). Run best of course in the morning. In the evening it is much worse, but it is better in the evening than not to run at all.

4)Suggest to include in the program of power exercises, if you really are a beginner then you can start with just push-UPS and pull-UPS (if the access bar), and, even if there is already some exercises from the previous paragraph. The fact is that various ailments are corrected for a very long time, it’s work for years, and the motivation needs to be supported by something. Here is the paragraph this will help because muscles come in tone relatively quickly, which affects the General health and appearance, which in turn pleases and gives the incentive to play on. The easiest option is to do three sets of each exercise, and the maximum number of times in each approach. I advise you, whatever exercise you do, to pay great attention to the technique. On YouTube, you can find videos of any exercise.

5)alternatively, if you really don’t know what to do on YouTube to view different sets of exercises, or strength, or endurance, or stretching, there’s just hundreds of thousands of different videos. In the search type something like “home workout” “home workout for endurance, cross fit at home”, etc. Is interesting and diverse, and useful. Every time we do not forget about the technique – this including will protect against possible injuries.


6)About the food I shall not speak much, as it comes, not immediately, after 3-5 years of regular training, because to start it is possible to train and continue to eat shit like chips, crackers, beer, fast food, sodas, rolls, and cakes etc, but then have to continue progress you need to eat properly. But at the initial stage, it is useless to talk about it. I will only say that when I started to study regularly, my body itself ceased to want to eat chips, crackers and drink soda, directly, as if began to feel where shit, and where normal food.

7)a Very important point – whatever you do – don’T LOOK IN the MIRROR)) sounds funny, but it is VERY important. It is a psychological moment. In any case, you will not live up to your expectations, and as a result, this thought will gnaw at you from the inside, until one day you say to yourself, “fuck I’m doing this, nothing changes anyway” and the motivation will collapse, and in fact motivation is the main thing in any case. It is necessary to support it! Therefore, no narcissistic narcissism and the result will be in any case, just may not be as fast as you would like.

The main thing is to start, and then, when the process is delayed, it will be most interesting what and how to try new exercises, new complexes, and much more interesting than the TV to stick out, even after a hard day. I would say, especially after a hard day it is good to go to the turns and push there. Maybe the number of repetitions in the approach will be less than usual due to fatigue, but the mood will definitely rise, I guarantee it!

All productive training!