The banality gifts: that cannot be given on 8 March

The banality gifts: that cannot be given on 8 March

March 7, 2019 1 By admin

We will prompt that in any case, it is impossible to give to the woman for March 8

If men still have not decided on gifts for their dear women, then on the eve of the holiday we will tell you what you can give to a girl, mother or wife on March 8. More precisely, we will tell you that you can not give on March 8.

8 March

What not to give on March 8: soft toys

Oh, that’s nice, but certainly not helpful, not nice, and will not be remembered for a lifetime. No need to copy a 20-year-old template. If you decide to give a toy, then make it with your own hands.


What not to give on March 8: notebooks and frames

To colleagues, such gifts still will descend. Although it would be far better to give Handmade Goodies and flowers. But notebooks will only accumulate over the years on the shelf.

Unsuitable gifts for March 8: cheap jewelry

Even if she loves all sorts of trinkets, it is better not to give her earrings that you bought for 2 $ at a flea market. Buy silver or make jewelry with your own hands.

What is better not to give on March 8: appliances

The woman will choose household appliances to herself. But it’s nice to get a gadget as a gift. So do not chase the promotional multivariate and choose a good smartphone.


What not to give on March 8: anti-aging cosmetics and creams

And also means with a strong and pungent smell, with unknown use and frankly cheap. Mom or wife, of course, will smile and thank, but will not be happy. Instead, give a certificate to visit the salon or massage room. She will choose what she needs.